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Changzhou Haituo Auto Parts Co., Ltd.(Branch of Taiwan Hawtuoh Group) was established over 30 years ,we are main specialized in tooling development, product manufacturing, logistics warehousing, export sales in the integration of large-scale professional auto parts operations center.



Business Scope:

A.Air Cleaner (Air cleaner housing, Air cleaner assy..etc.)

B.Body Parts ( Auto lamp, Bumper,Bumper bracket, Grille, Door Mirror,Hood, Fender..etc.)

C.Cooling system( Wiper tank , radiator tank, Engine fan ,Radiatior fan,Fan motor,Fan shroud,Engine cover...etc.)


Our products are suitable for Japanese vehicle and korean vehicles, sold far away in Middle East ,Africa,South American,north american,Eastern Europe , Southeast Asia etc market.


Haituo provides global customers with series of goods of Taiwan and China with the best quality ,most competitive prices and fastest delivery,first-class service and advanced management to create double wins based on mutual benefits.


Address: No.8,Yinshan Road,Xixiashu Town Industry District,Xinbei Area,Changzhou City,Jiangsu Province China.
Emial: [email protected]
Tel: 0086-519-83439668

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